Natalie Rants about the Poor, the Rich, and iPods

First, read this:┬áIf you don’t understand poverty than you are a Sociopath – The Guardian Did you? Good. Now you know where this is coming from. I don’t have an issue with what is trying to be conveyed, but it is conveyed in such a one sided way. It is true, to eat healthy sometimes […]

Natalie Rants about “The Anthony Cumia incident”

As a longtime listener of the Opie and Anthony show, I was quite annoyed when I learned Anthony had gotten fired. I didn’t really know how to react. I wanted to do..something! So I ranted. What I wrote has no substance really, but its how I felt at the time. I wrote a good chunk, […]

Natalie Rants about Dreaming: The ridiculousness of the dream dictionary.

I was going to write about anonymity, the idea of it..but eh. Topical, you say? Current, you suggest? Beh. My mind is on dreams now. Rant or not, its something I want to talk about. Since I was young, I have been recording my dreams. I don’t know why. Maybe I always had vivid ones […]

Natalie Rants about how wonderful Windows 8 actually is and how ANNOYING (FFFF!!!) HP is

I recently got a new laptop! And with a new laptop almost always comes the experience of a new operating system. We all don’t buy laptops every couple of years, after all. I was “fortunate” to have bought my last laptop in 2008: The year of the dreaded Vista OS. I had heard the rumors. […]

Natalie Rants about child rearin’ in today’s “modern society” Stories like this irk me to no end. A child gets suspended for making a fake gun out of his fingers. A school bans balls because of the threat of injuries a plastic ball could give if thrown at a particular speed and angle. Traditional holidays are banned from school settings simply because a […]

Girlfriend 101 (How to successfully unlock girlfriend achievement)

HOW TO GET A GIRLFRIEND (from someone who is constantly seeing people doing it wrong): 1.) Be concerned of appearances (but only if your appearance bothers you) 1a.)Shampoo is your friend!   Women do not like it if you smell funny, forgo shampoo, or refuse to do basic body grooming. If perhaps you are the […]