rant copy

Heed these words. They are thought provoking and intelligent

Why do people own a blog? Are we hoping to become famous with our wit? Do we want to attempt to change public opinion? Are we molding worlds with the things we type?

I think none of this is true.

In the end, we all want to be remembered. We want to think that the things we’ve thought and the lives we led are not left to oblivion when we leave this Earth. We want to hope that the things we say will outlive us. It is our own attempt at immortality.

As for me, I just enjoy ranting about various things once in a while, and I figure I might as well spew my opinions out into the universe to breath. I am well aware the things I say more or likely will be said a dozen times by a million different people, but that is alright.

If I made you laugh, or chuckle, or even wasted an inkling of your time, I have done what I’ve set out to do.

I have my piece of immortality.

I’m a freelance Cartoonist. Video games is my TV time. I like to read. I enjoy a nice star filled sky. I will blog about life, opinions, funny observations, and rants. I may even draw a cartoon once in a while!

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